Stainless Steel Cup  Holders are available in place of the resin-filled cup holders shown in photos of most beach/boat tables.  These cups are stainless steel and are removable.  

Metal Cup Holders

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  • All tables are stained and finished with 3 coats of minwax spar urethane for exceptional protection from sunlight, rain & moisture, and temperature changes.  Even with this protection, we advise that you do not keep our tables in the elements for prolonged periods of time.  Tables should be brought in out of the elements when not in use or kept under cover.  When using your table in the swimming pool or around any body of water, it is imperative that you remove your table from the pool after use, and ensure that it, as well as its components, are completely cleaned of salt, chlorine, or other chemicals and then dried before storing.  Tables may be polished and conditioned with a wood conditioner such as Howard Feed-N-Wax or Howard Restore-A-Finish which can be used to polish and preserve its beauty.  

    Cup Holders are removable for cleaning purposes.