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This portable double table stand combines two adjustable telescoping stand to give your large table more stability and is great for the person on the go!  Use this stand to convert your beach table to a camping table, tailgate table, boat table, or anywhere at home. NOTE - THIS DOUBLE STAND IS ONLY FOR USE WITH THE LARGE BOAT TABLES.

The stand is made with Indoor/ outdoor furniture grade pvc and can be adjusted from 24" to approximately 32" in height and has levelers to help keep your table balanced when on uneven ground.  Once you set your desired height, pull the latches down on your telescoping poles and your stand will be locked in place. 


If you would like to use it in the pool  - we have an additional pvc pole (sold separately-see accessories page) that will attach to your telescoping stand to create more height.  



Large Boat Table - Adjustable Telescoping Table Double Stand

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  • Although your stand is made with indoor/outdoor furniture grade pvc - please be sure to clean and dry your stand parts after each use.  

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