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Our Creative Process

CNC Carving

The first step towards creating our tables is to carve out the core design using a CNC machine. This machine ensures that we can produce beautiful designs each and every time. Even if you have a custom design in mind, we can use this great machine to recreate your design faithfully. 

Structural Refining

After the design has been carved we complete the structural shape of the tabletop by adding the cupholders, handle, and refining the edges. 


Final Touches

After the designs are complete and dry, we add all the hardware to the table. The sand stake, bottle openers, charger slot, solar charger, and waterproof speaker are all added securely to the table to ensure easy and safe mobility. 


Resin & Paint

After the structure and shape of the table is completed, we then concentrate on the artistic aspect. We use colorful resin to bring each carving to life. Each table is then sanded, stained, and finished with polyurethane to protect it from the elements.

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